What we do ...

start small .. grow with confidence

Personalized websites and e-mail adds a touch of class and is a great way to grow your digital presence. 

Sell anywhere ... anytime

E-commerce. The best way to sell.

With the ability to customize daily and integrate with a wide range of external services including payment gateways (like PayFast) and courier services (like Courier Guy), our e-commerce solutions equips your business with everything it needs to stay relevant.

Software solutions for everyone!

Web applications and mobile applications built to your spec by established and experienced developers.

everything hardware ...

Buy brand new, refurbished or demo machines at competitive prices. 

Need repairs? Get in touch for a quote from a qualified technician.


Here are some frequently asked questions. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other queries.

We can have a template website up and running in minutes. However, it is important that you have an idea of how you want your website to look, and all content (images, wording, videos, links etc.) in order to customize and have it ready for publishing.

No. Your site is built using content management infrastructure. Which means that you will have a user friendly portal to edit your site without needing code.

Yes you can and it will not affect the availability of your website.

Transferring a domain is simple, if you have the right people to do it. Just drop us a mail at support@narainsolutions.co.za and we’ll be glad to assist.

If done correctly, it is very unlikely to lose any emails. However, the world of technology is unpredictable and so we always suggest that your current host provides you with a backup of all your mails before initiating the transfer request.